On September 3rd at 00:001 (12:00AM EST) PMI's Downlink Frequency for our Standard Definition feed is changing until further notice. We are dropping out Multiplex signal. So beginning that day it will be necessary to adjust your receiver to the following settings to pick up our feeds:

D/L frequency 3826.500(V)
FEC: 3/4 DATA RATE: 8.448

Video PID 1062h / 4194d (MPEG 2)
Audio Pair #1 PID: 1063h/4195d (Stereo) / Audio Pair #2 PID: 1065h/4197d (Mono Mix)

Our current downlink frquency will end at 11:59:59 PM EST on September 2nd.

Please contact PMI at 412-201-4922 with any questions
Visit our website www.pmisyndication.com for further information.


Go ahead, take the day off.

PMI never closes, so you can always talk with a human being if you have a question or concern about the delivery of your program. Late nights, weekends, holidays…we’ve got your back.

For more information about distributing your television programs, contact Monica in Sales: 412-281-5900 (ext.879).

For technical assistance after hours, please call: 412-201-4922.

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As the top distributor of syndicated television programming in the United States, we understand that broadcasts are more audience-driven than ever. That’s why programming flexibility, problem solving and lightning-quick service are at the core of what we do. We deliver television programs via Digital Linear Satellite, Pathfire, Pitch Blue, Aspera, and yes, even Video Tape. You can share your shows and live events with audiences across the country and around the world.

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