Boxing on LiveU

Los Angeles based Golden Boy Promotions is the most active and respected promoter in boxing – responsible for some of the biggest and highest grossing events in the history of the sport.

Nestled in the heart of Downtown Pittsburgh’s Market Square, PMI Syndication is one of the largest distributors of syndicated programming in the country, creating unique flexibility for programming with great all-hours customer service.  

What’s new? In collaboration with Golden Boy Promotions, PMI Syndication is including LiveU to our list of distribution capabilities. Live U is a high-quality video transmission system that uses common internet or bonded 4G/5G cellular data connections to carry broadcast quality video and audio streams across long distances. Multiple streams can be carried between transmit and receive servers, and live transmission can be monitored through LiveU Central. Our operators can see, at a glance, the status of all connections involved.

Golden Boy Promotions is developing the next generation of talent, and promoting the biggest fights the sport of boxing has to offer — now on LiveU!

Client: Golden Boy Productions

Show: Golden Boy Presents: Thursday Night Fights

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