Coming together to make The Strong Strap™ stronger!

PMI partnered up with Blazer Brand, a local startup company, to help launch their new brand. Our idea? Don’t just show the product benefits, but have some fun along the way.

The Strong Strap™ answers a very real problem – keeping garbage in the can where it belongs and out of the paws of neighborhood critters.

Together, we created illustrated storyboards and figured out how live-action footage and motion design animation could work together to make something totally fun. And totally functional.

From filming with our ARRI Alexa to motion design/animation, composing music, sound design and compositing, our entire team all had a chance to make something awesome.

Take the music, for instance. As a new company Blazer Brand wanted to own custom music/sound that could become recognizable and aid in brand identity. How many new brands get to have their own theme song, right?  

We also got to get some squirrel-related aggression out of our systems. They’re cute, but not when they’re chowing down on our trashbags!

Want to see the results? Sure you do!

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