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Why Use Video in Your Communications Plan?

With such a variety of media available to marketers today, it's hard to tell what will perform best in your communications plan. According to recent statistics, video is one of the best performing types of media to drive results across channels.

So why should you use video in your communications plan?

  1. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.
  2. Videos are shared 12x more than links and text posts, combined, on Facebook.
  3. 100 million people watch at least one video a day.
  4. The average internet user watches 32.2 videos in a month.
  5. 74% of all internet traffic will be video in 2017.
  6. 75% of users visit the marketer's website after viewing a video.


7 Tips for Video Success

What does it take to create a successful video? While brands can produce a wide variety of videos for broadcast, social media, or online audiences, there are a few things to consider before heading straight into production.

Here are 7 tips for creating a successful video that will help you achieve your goals and keep your audience engaged.

  1. Set goals.
    Before you create your video(s), consider your business and/or marketing objective. Establish analytics benchmarks. What do you want the person that sees your video to do after watching it? What is your call to action? Is it supported by other marketing tactics?
  2. Keep it short.
    Unless you have a riveting story to tell, keep the video to less than 1 minute. Too much to say? Make more than one video if it makes sense.
  3. Build ROI.
    Don’t just use the footage once! Work with your production partner to plan on cutting that :15 for Instagram, a :30 for email, and even have them pull some stills for your website. Make it clear up front that you want to build a content library.
  4. Find it a good home.
    Compare the benefits of hosting on YouTube versus Vimeo versus a custom solution. Consider the benefits of online video by examining the stats and getting to know your audience. We can help you customize whichever you choose.
  5. Drive traffic.
    Integrate the video into your content calendar to be sure to drive curious visitors to your best owned assets: your website and your video(s)! Not sure how to do this? We can help!
  6. Test. Test again.
    Don’t set it and forget it. Review metrics on a regular basis and then optimize your approach or content calendar to see if they improve.
  7. Avoid decline.
    Once you start seeing the viewer engagement drop, it’s time to give viewers a new video to keep them coming back for more. Don’t worry, this is where the library comes into play to show your breadth of knowledge and help build trust over time.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you plan on using video in your marketing plan.

All Raccoons Are Bandits Poster

Local Filmmakers Debut Indie Short Reiterating the Growing Film Scene in Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH – NOVEMBER 13, 2015 – Gratus Ursa, LLC., a Pittsburgh-based film production company, with PMI and their newest subsidiary PMI Films, LLC, debuted their co-produced independent short film, ‘All Raccoons Are Bandits,’ yesterday at the Row House Cinema. Filmed in various locations in greater Pittsburgh and stylistically driven by the prose of Mark Twain and nostalgia of the past, the film is a screwball dramedy set in 1882—the tale of small-time scoundrel, Rocky Snodgrass, who falls in love with the local policeman's daughter.

"I wrote this script in 2012 while still attending Point Park University, and after many phases of development we are excited to debut the film," said Brett Wagner, Writer/Director.

The film was crafted by a wide range of artists, crew members, and cast — headlined by Dylan Grunn (Rocky Snodgrass), Katie Mancuso (Livy Langhorne), Philip Bower (Thomas Langhorne), and Randy Kovitz (Elias Flintlock). Other local Pittsburgh artists involved in the film include singer-songwriter Paul Luc and composer/engineer Dave Hidek of Treelady Studios who worked together to create the custom score.

PMI is active in the city’s film scene, and is gearing up to release a music video next month as well as a documentary about agriculture that will debut in Spring 2016. They established themselves as Pittsburgh’s first full-service production house to handle pre-production through post-production in 1985.

"’All Raccoons Are Bandits’ showcases our collective support for our friend and fellow filmmaker Brett, along with our continued effort to assist in the growth of the local film industry," said PMI Partner & VP of Production, Julia Hannan, who also acted as the film’s editor. "PMI is committed to helping create opportunities for film production right here in Pittsburgh, as our city has a plethora of young visionaries launching their careers from our various art schools. Pittsburgh is perfectly situated to be part of the independent film movement, and by partnering with directors like Brett, we all get to do what we love and have some fun with our projects."

"After its Pittsburgh premiere, we hope to screen the film in various local and national festivals to get as many eyes on it as we can," said Wagner. "A lot of talented cast and crew worked on this final product, and we are thrilled to showcase their hard work."

PMI plans to produce additional independent films in the coming year.

The full version of All Raccoons Are Bandits will be released online after submission to film festivals. For more information, please visit allraccoonsfilm.com.