Babe Winkelman’s Outdoor Secrets/Good Fishing

We are happy to report that Good Fishing will be resuming its schedule starting this weekend.


Tomorrow @ 2200 ET  we will pitch episode 1810R for air this weekend (wk of 6/4/2018). Please see below for the coordinates and pitch service as well as the show format.


Then on Friday 6/8 we will resume the normal pitch schedule with 1811R (air week of 6/11) at the normal time and coordinates.


If you have any questions please contact Phil Dawson ( or Monica Cecchini ( and thank you for your patience.

Pitch Blue Information

Title Air Date Date Posted
Babe Winkelman Pitch Blue Information 10/18/2015 Download
GOOD FISHING 1810R - PITCH INFOMRATION 06/04-06/10/2018 06/05/2018 Download


Title Air Date Date Posted
2018 GOOD FISHING Q1 SCHEDULE 01/01/2018 - 03/26/2018 12/26/2017 Download
2018 GOOD FISHING Q2 SCHEDULE 04/02/2018 - 06/25/2018 03/28/2018 Download


Title Air Date Date Posted
GOOD FISHING 1810R 06/04-06/10/2018 06/05/2018 Download