Bluegrass Ridge

Bluegrass Ridge is distributed via OTSM SyndiNet on Fridays at 0600 ET

** Shows will be delivered through your OTSM SyndiNet Downloader


OTSM Syndinet downloader

If you currently receive spots from OTSM/EZSpot you still need to download and test with the long form side, or you WILL NOT receive our content.

  • Who should stations contact regarding questions about the shows or transition ?
  • PMI for show questions – If you know your coordinator, you can reach out to them directly. If you are unsure who handles the content. please reach out to or 412.281.5900
  • OTSM for technical issues – OTSM Station Services  or 855.855.6876 (OTSM)

OTSM Syndinet information

Title Air Date Date Posted
2022-23 Season Show Distribution Effective 9/01/2022 08/12/2022 Download
OTSM SyndiNet Downloader Details 08/11/2022 Download


Title Air Date Date Posted
SEPTEMBER 2022 Air Schedule 08/17/2022 Download
OCTOBER 2022 Air Schedule 09/11/2022 Download

General Information

Title Air Date Date Posted
SEPTEMBER 2022 Show Descriptions * * updated for week of 9/22/22 09/19/2022 Download
OCTOBER 2022 Show Descriptions 09/15/2022 Download


Title Air Date Date Posted
BGR-422 09/10/2022 09/08/2022 Download
BGR-423 09/17/2022 09/15/2022 Download
BGR-424 09/24/2022 09/23/2022 Download

Generic Formats

Title Air Date Date Posted
Generic show format Download