Honda Racing at Speed

Due to the Microsoft outage affecting our PMI FTP site, we have created a temporary FTP site with a common log-in that can be used to download content until our normal FTP is back up and running. The log in information is below.


Login:  FTPUser

Password:  pmiT3mpFTP

Again we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Satellite Information

Title Air Date Date Posted
HONDA RACING 2018 Satellite information 03/10/2018 03/05/2018 Download
HONDA RACING RE-FEED 1805 07/06/2018 07/06/2018 Download


Title Air Date Date Posted
HONDA RACING PROGRAM SCHEDULE 2018 03/10/2018 03/05/2018 Download


Title Air Date Date Posted
Honda Racing #2018-6 08/11-09/07/2018 08/07/2018 Download