We’re listening… to our clients!

PMI’s syndication department does more than just get programs on the air and where they need to go nationally and internationally. We’re also incredibly hands-on and customer service based, to ensure that every program is delivered to thousands of broadcast outlets in a timely fashion. Don’t take it from us, though – here are a few testimonials from our clients:

“I love working w/ you guys, because you’re supportive and helpful! You guys look@ commercials/BB’s days ahead of time and let me know if there’s an issue so I can fix it without stressing!” – Aida Orellana, Assistant Manager, Sales Scheduling, Disney Direct-to-Consumer and International

“Whether it’s inquiring about a specific show or format change, an episode number, movie format, whatever the question may be; your staff is always quick to respond and extremely pleasant to work with.” – Lydia Cox, Scheduling Specialist, Sinclair Advertising Support Operations

“I wanted to say thank you again for all your help with this year’s shows. I appreciate all that you do. We are gearing up for another exciting season.” – David Camp, Executive Producer, Golf Resorts International,LLC

See for yourself – give Monica Cecchini a call at 412 281 5900 or email us at info@pmi.tv